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Many high school students are doing a lot of school work already. Some people believe that students should help their parents with household chores, since it's the best way to give them a sense of responsibility.



1. 学习不应该成为懒惰的借口;

2. 让儿童参与劳动过程可以培养他们懂得珍惜他人的劳动成果;



Recently some parents suggested even students are facing big study pressure in school, it is still important for students to help with household chores in family because it is meaningful for them to build their senses of responsibilities in this way. I agree with the idea and here are some of my reasons.


Firstly, study cannot become an excuse of laziness. It is pretty normal that many students use study as the response to parents' help requests of housework. For example, my brother, who is in middle school now, has never even done any kind of chores before. Every time my aunt asked him to do a favor like cleaning or washing dishes, his response would be that he had no time because there was too much homework. Even when he was just playing the computer game. And for those parents which hope their children have a bright future, most of them choose not trouble their children in such circumstances. However, this kind of indulgent attitude makes escape and avoidance become their children's habitual ways of facing responsibilities in long term.


Also, making children to participate in the working process can cultivate their sense of cherishing fruits of the labor of others. Naughty children always like to make destructions of materials in the house, such like damaging the manicured lawns, soiling clean sheets and carpets, or tracking up clean floors. However, if they could experience the tiredness of washing clothes, cleaning up floors or manicuring lawns, I believe they will not make damages anymore.


Some people may say that it is hard to push their children to do the housework. Also pushing students to do such things out of unwillingness may cause opposite effects.


However, there exist better way such as telling children that they can earn some pocket money by helping with housework, which is not only an incentive mechanism but also an educational way to cultivate fiscal sense at young age.


All of above, asking the students to help do household chores can both cultivate their responsibilities and prevent naughty children's disruptive behaviors. Moreover, parents should take good ways of guiding students to do such works but not pushing.




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Patience is usually not a good strategy; we should take action now rather than later.








When it comes to talking about the advantages and disadvantages of patience and dispatch, disputes always exist. From my point of view, taking action now is a better way to deal with the tasks for the following three reasons.

When it comes to talking about the advantages and disadvantages of patience and dispatch, disputes always exist. From my point of view, taking action now is a better way to deal with the tasks for the following three reasons.


First, taking action now saves time. As we all know, time is money. Therefore, a worker with strong ability of execution is more likely to be appreciated by the boss and then to earn more money. Moreover, if we take action and then finish the work ahead of time, we can own more spare time to relax. Thus, taking action not only can promote our financial benefits, but also enhance our quality of leisure time because high efficiency is well coordinated with the pace and the rule of the society.


Second, taking action now promises enough time for revision. To state it more clearly, this strategy can make the worker finish the task in a relatively shorter time, so if the task has something wrong, the employee can make full use of the saved time to revise the original version. That is to say, taking action now is also a tactic for guaranteeing the quality of the mission.


Finally, taking action now seizes the opportunity, a common sense that is fit to all walks of life. For example, Warren Buffet is so decisive in the constant changing stock market, and that is why he can earn more money, so Mark Elliot Zuckerberg can embody his creative idea to make people amazed for the thriving of Facebook. Exactly speaking, taking action is the premise of being successful.


In a word, if we think twice about the patience and taking action, it is not difficult for us to reach a conclusion that taking action deserves more. Moreover, although patience is pretty vital, the current trend needs self-display!



Do you agree or disagree with the following opinion? The most important goal of education is to help people educate themselves?




1. 教育的本质就在于能让人自学,比如很多中国学生被进行填鸭式教学,导致无法独立思考,从而无法自我教育,这对大学教育来说是非常不好的;

2. 通过自学,人们才能去探索和发现,不会停止前进和自我提升,因为人们不能一辈子待在学校里;

3. 这样可以让人们以过程为导向 (process-oriented) 而非以结果为导向,因为太多人只想知道答案而不去思考答案的来源。


How important is it for a person to be educated? I think the significance of this question is equivalent to that of the purpose of education. The purpose of education is without doubt the most debated topic in almost every field of profession and people have never gotten tired of keeping on diving into this matter whereas I strongly believe that the most important goal of education is to help people educate themselves. I shall illustrate my point with the following reasons.


First of all, the essence of education lies in motivating people to have independent thinking so as to stimulate their curiosity towards this world and in turn seek out new solutions to the problems at hand we humans are facing. A classic counter-example of this is the education in China. Almost every one of the student in China are very accustomed to the cramming idea adopted by the teachers under this bizarre system. We've witnessed that quite a number of students have no independent thinking at all. They all look for direct answers from books or teachers instead of thinking through how or why the way it was or is or will be. I remember when I was in elementary school, the teachers were only informing us of a great deal of knowledge, principles, rules, fixed methods to force us to think alike them. This became worse when I reached high school. Years after the inspiring education I received in college, I started to wonder, what's the real meaning of education, to cram? Or to motivate students to think? This becomes even clearer when I see this writing task. The most important goal of education is to motivate people to think, to be re-educated by the knowledge they relieved with independent thinking.


In addition, with the motivation of education for people to be curious about both the world and themselves, people could explore new possibilities and search for new answers to old problems and never stop the little steps which are expected to be accumulated to a giant leap. Without the important goal of education, this could not be achieved by any individual. A good example of this is the world-known entrepreneur, the founder of Apple Company, Steve Jobs, in whose life he kept perfecting his qualities to be the CEO of a world famous hardware company. In his early thirties, he was fired by his own company, which was a major failure of his entire life. This didn't actually prevent him from pursuing his ultimate goal. He used what he learned, what he was educated with, to ponder over the issue at hand, for a long time in fact, and then he went to India to find his inspiration with which he re-invented the smartphone, stormed out the electronic market with various state-of-the-art devices. He was educating himself the whole time during "the great depression" (most contemporary news were allegedly reporting his story with a tone like this) of his. He is just one of the thousands of examples that are merging every day from the past to the future among successful elites of our societies. All in all, the marvelous purpose of education should be and must be the goal of helping people educate themselves anytime in their lives to change and break through and make the world a better place.


The way I see it, helping people to educate themselves is definitely the most important goal of education. Only with this significant goal will we grasp the truth in learning and benefit from it throughout our lives.




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Professional athletes who receive high salaries, such as football and basketball players, deserve what they get.



1. 运动员经受了其他人无法想象的艰苦训练;

2. 运动员将时间都花费在体育馆,从而导致他无法知道其他的社会和经济生活,这就意味着,除了运动员,他不能做其他的事;

3. 能够获得高薪的运动员毕竟是少数。


During the recent day, some people claim that the professional athletes always get much more salaries than they deserve. From my perspective, I cannot agree with this statement and I have several reasons to support my point.


First and foremost, athletes should experience the hardest training which other people cannot imagine. When normal people are still in the bed, they have to get up and start running and training. And at the same time, they cannot enjoy entertainment like normal people. For example, a professional should exercise every day. If one day he miss the training, it not only he would punished by coach, but also he would feel a lot of pain than before because his muscle has accustomed to the intensity of every day’s exercise. Meanwhile, his body has already been ruled and programmed. Furthermore, in order to get better grades, it is inevitable that the athlete get hurt. Sometimes it even endangers to his life. Thus, it is obvious that they should get the high salary for the reason that he pays far more efforts than others.


What's more, because an athlete sacrifices his life into gym, he knows little about others such as social and economic life, which means that except being an athlete, he can do nothing at all. In one day, there is no doubt he would quit from the athlete's career when he gets older. However, there is no work he can do after leaving gym. Hence, it is hard for him to raise himself up not mention to other families. The only economic resource is the salary he has saved during being an athlete. Therefore, the professional athlete should be given the higher salary.


Admittedly, someone will argue that Yao Ming is becoming the coach. And he is richer than before. But we cannot forget this type of people must be the minority. Much more people cannot have the opportunity like Yao Ming. In fact, according to the data from the Internet, 80% of athletes retire from the gym center, they are under huge pain which caused by high-intensive training and poor for the reason that no company will to offer job to them.


As the result, I strongly believe that professional athletes should be provided high salaries. Because they suffer a lot and do the normal people cannot do. And the public has the obligation to raise his rest of time even after retiring for the reason that the career they do is for the honor of country.




The most important goal of education is to teach people how to educate themselves.

Nothing is more important than education to an individual’s development which has traditionally played an important role in passing of knowledge. But today this purpose seems to be thrown away and the modern one tends to be helping students be better employed. Most people would agree that the latter should be the main goal of education. In my opinion, this is important but what is the most important one is to help students to educate themselves.


Living in such highly competitive world, individuals only armed with knowledge may fail to be competent. This is mainly because what we can get from school is, after all, limited, no matter how long we have been educated. This fact can well explain why American high schools today ask their students to spend much time learning how to use resource materials, libraries, statistics and computers but not just learn academic courses such as mathematics or history. Americans believe that if children are taught to reason well and to research well, they will be able to find whatever facts they need and therefore become more competent.


Receiving education is filled in the whole process of one’s life, rather than a part of time. That is to say, the graduation from school does not mean the ending of education. Instead, we are supposed and sometimes forced to learn more throughout the whole life. Once we enter the workplace, we should learn skills about how to get along well with colleagues, how to better accomplish the task arranged by superiors and how to balance work and life. After we become parents, we need try to adapt to this new role as soon as possible and also we need to learn how to take care of a baby day and night. Even when we get old, we still have to keep on studying the best way to spend plenty of leisure time. All of these can hardly be gained from school education.

To sum up, only by learning how to educate oneself, one can learn more and become more competent, which is the most important goal of education. Learning is a life- long process and we should never allow ourselves to become complacent or indifferent to the idea that there is always more to learn







综合:讲 red rain  在 Indian Karele


READING:文章写有三个 theories,


第 1 个是 comet theory,  说有人说听到巨响, 所以有可能是这样,  那些红雨其实是陨石碎片


第 2 个可能是说是红色的沙子, 从 northafirca/abadia(拼的似乎不对)  吹来的


第 3  个可能是 chilen( 拼的不对,  应该是苔藓植物的一种) spores,  因为这种


spores 在 karele 附近都是红色的,而且有很大产量,  所以非常非常有可能是因为这个原因




教授反驳了三个观点, 原因如下


1. 过去 100 年里一共下了 3 次红雨, 3 次陨石在同一个地方是 very rare.


2. the red dust from deserts are contained a lot of chemical elements, such as Iron and phosphorus, 但是那种雨里这些化学物质的含量是 very small of amount 所以也不可能


3. 那种 spores 也不太可能, 讲了他们的 LIFE CIRCLE 说如果他们同时进入 reproductive phase 才能释放 spores, 所以同时进入这个 Phase 的几率也基本等于0




讲 congestion pricing。说为了缓解交通拥堵,想要在 city 中的某个区域收费,



(1)这样做可以 improve time (主要就是说节省时间)。

(2)可以改善环境 improve that area's environment。

(3)收的 fee  可以用于 revenue the city 可以再修路,修桥等等 lecture  中,professor 否定了这个观点。



(2)在收费区里面环境可能会好点,但是周围的车相对就会增多,noise and airpollution 就会多。所以不是整个 city 都能环境变好。


(3)有的人不能 afford  这个费用了,就会去坐 subway,政府就得出更多的钱维护 subway,这样一来收的那点钱可能还不够维护的,所以也不能起到帮助





为了防止沙漠化的扩大,有人提出用可以 collect water 的 device  种树,是否可行。



(2)当地人穷,主要精力争温饱食物,没有 motivation  去 install和 maintain 那些 device 

(3)树长大后就要移除 DEVICE 了,因为太大呀,然后他们自己生存能力不行,就挂了这不是浪费钱吗?



(1)小树长大后,device 可重复利用 20次,所以是 reasonable price。

(2)除了为树蓄水,那些设备也可以种蔬菜啊,当地人就会有更多食物了,而且树长大后可以把 branch砍下來当 firewood  烧,当地人会照看设备的。

(3)树长大后根系也发达了,可以达到更深处的土层,一旦他  reach waterresources就能独立存活了,而且 90%的树木在離开设备后兩年都活得好好的。






4 阅读:一个什么动物在很久以前身躯很大的原因。


(二) plant 很多。

(三) warm climate。




(二)plant 是很多,但是营养很少。

(三) warm climate is actually a disadvantage, because they needed to cool off




阅读:现代都市里 glass 越來越多,严重干扰鸟类飞行,有三个 solutions  可以防止 birds 撞到玻璃上。

 (1)做 one-way-window(单一光线玻璃),里面看得到外面,外面的鸟看不裡面。

 (2)玻璃上画图案(彩色的玻璃),比如 stripes








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